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Here you can find stories of people who overcame depression and again enjoy colors of the world. Their experiences prove that one can overcome depression and you or your relative/friend can live fine and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Initial thoughts...                 I have thought a lot about depression, because it made me think about its essence. It forced me. It used violence against me, hung itself in the foreground of my consciousness, so that every day I had to look at it. One day, it got out of the corners of my mind with a great crash, where it had been growing safely (...)

Actually, I don''t really know what to tell. Because after more than a year, it turns out that I don''t have a typical depression or bipolar disorder, and I''m suffering from mood disorders (bipolar).  So I''ve been having quite rare, but long-term depressive states. In fact, I''ve been having this kind of problems since I was a child, but nobody have thought of treating me, then I was just a problem child - hypersensitive, as des (...)

I should start from the beginning. To be honest, I do not know where it is. Maybe when I was 40? Maybe when I left my job, which I liked very much... Maybe at the wedding... or in the day of my father''s death?P Or maybe when I was born... It does not matter... For the first time I thought that something is wrong with me when I was watching a spot in the television. There was a slim, beautiful woman. Somebody asked her: (...)