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  • "Żegnaj depresjo.", Marz, M.
  • "Monografie psychiatryczne 4. Choroba afektywna sezonowa.", Święcicki, Ł.
  • "Zaburzenia nerwicowe a poczucie koherencji. Czynniki chroniące przed zachorowaniem.", Kinga, Sz.
  • "Podnieś głowę.", Woydyłło, E.
  • "Komunikowanie się z chorymi psychicznie.", Wilczek - Rużyczka, E.


A real story of a young man who hapenned to suffer from depression and decided to talk about it.


The effectiveness of the online psychotherapy

Online consultations are one of the ways of providing professional psychological counseling services via the Internet. Such services are usually offered by e-mail, real-time instant messaging and video conferencing. Some patients benefit from online counseling, in addition to traditional psychotherapy - as its completion, however, a growing number of people use the online consultation as the only method of therapy, completely replacing the traditional office visits.   Scientists in Switzerland have discovered that online psychotherapy is as effective as the traditional method of "face to face" psychotherapy. Researchers from the University of Zurich (Wagner, Horn, Maercker, 2013) analyzed 62 patients suffering from moderate depression. Patients were divided into two equal groups: the first has been subjected to the traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy, while others took part in the online therapy, but also performed one writing task for e...

Unhappiness or strait. An introduction to depression

Since I'm writing for the Internet portal about depression, I ought to give some reason. Some of them are the result of my biography. I'm seventy-six. I was born and raised in Krakow, where I graduated from schools. Most recently, as it was called then, Medical University. At the hospital in Kobierzyn (as it was called then) I g

Living so that the world could exist... [interview]

What makes people commit suicide? What precautions to take to stop the person with suicidal tendencies from taking his/her own life? Why don't some individuals want to live any more? I talk with Professor Brunon Hołyst about suicides, a prominent authority in the field of forensic science, criminology, victimology and

Treatment of depression with Hellinger's Constellation

On the margins of psychotherapy.             Treating depression through the healing of the family system.             "The ancestors got us sick"

Emigrant's depression

For several years, we have been able to observe the increasing phenomenon of traveling abroad. Mainly for economic reasons, to raise the status of life and improve our lives, which in the previous place of residence probably wasn't very good, but also for political, social or ideological reasons. But still, most people travel abroad in se